Overview Video

View the Debt Action Plan overview video to see the system in action! Learn how to create a Debt Action Plan scenario and have the software identify ineffient payments that can go towards the whole life policy. Then watch how the system processes your uploaded illustration PDF and generates a beautiful report showing your client their exact pay off date, the amount of money they will save and all the program details.

Runtime: 19 mins 24 seconds

Easy to use interface

The scenario builder of the debt action plan allows you to enter in your client's mortage, consumer debt, income sources, investment and insurances in an efficient manner. The system is flexible so you can enter in any financial scenario. Whether it's multiple mortgages, rental propery income or introductory rates for debts, the scenario builder can handle your client's unique situation.

  • Start at the first tab and work your way across until the scenario data is finished. Then set your report settings and generate your report.
  • Each tab provides an opportunity to identify funds that can be added to the policy's monthly premium or initial lump sum amounts. Easily see your totals accumulate at the top of the screen.
  • Upload your carrier illustration PDF directly to the system. Our system parses the PDF and extracts all the data it needs. No more copy/paste or dealing with CSV files.
  • Easily go back and update any data on the scenario.
  • Set a report date so that all the dates on the Debt Action Plan report are accurate.
  • Chose from "debt snowall", "debt avalanche", or set a custom payoff order for your debts.

Customize the report to match your branding

At Agency Rocket we believe you should build your own brand, not ours.

  • Set a color scheme for the Debt Action Plan report and preview the results on the setup page.
  • All color elements of the report match your color scheme setting - backgrounds, fonts and icon colors.
  • Upload your company logo to appear on the report's title page.
  • Set the agent name, phone, and company name for your report.

Prove the strategy with the comparison tab

The comparison tab allows you to drag the year/month sliders to show the client a timeline of the payoff status of each debt.

  • View the client's current strategy side by side with the Debt Action Plan.
  • Visually see the difference in the debt payoff dates.
  • Watch the policy's cash value accumulate as you drag the slider as well as the status of any policy loans.
  • See the total value of the client's assets change as you drag the slider to easily explain how the strategy works and how assets grow at the same time debt is being paid.
  • View graphs that show the total interest paid for the current plan compared to the Debt Action Plan.

Illustrations from the following carriers can be uploaded and processed by our system.

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