The Pipeline View

Tracker’s main pipeline view lets you see all your open cases on one screen showing what sales stage they are in and what actions are needed to progress to the next stage in the sales process. It allows you to see your pipeline clearly and take the actions that matter. It is fully customizable to fit your unique sales process.

Cases are color coded so you can quickly see what needs your immediate attention. They can be dragged to the next stage in the sales pipeline or they are moved automatically as the prospect interactes with the "My New Retirement" website.

Fully Customizable

Organize cases in pipelines and customize the stages to suit your sales cycle. Create as many pipelines as you want with as many stages as you need to match your sales process.

Keep Track of All Your Case Data

From the case page you can upload illustrations, set appointments, set reminders, save notes and update any piece of data on the case. You can further organize your cases by giving them tags so you can quickly retrieve similarly tagged cases. Anything that happens to the case is recorded on the history tab which adds an additional level of compliance.